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All ships' cook working onboard ship must be certified on Ships' Catering NC III (Ship's Cook) by January 1, 2017. 

With remaining 10 months, getting your NC III certification for Ship's Catering is quite a challenge with your existing contract and vacation schedules or if you are working in a manning company, having all your cooks NC III certified requires a superb planning and scheduling skills. 

So these 3 easy ways will absolutely help you all things done in no time.   

  1. List down all your ships' cook and check which of the mandatory assessment they fall into. 
  2. Prepare photocopy of all the required documents. Don't forget to bring the original :)
  3. Go to your trusted and accredited Ship's Catering Services Assessment Center


All learners/students who have completed the training program covered by the Ship's Catering Training Regulations shall be required to take the mandatory assessment either: 

  • Written Examination 
  • Written Examination + Demonstration of Practical Cookery Skills 
  • Porfolio Assessment 

The table below will guide you on the  documents required, qualification and assessment fees. 

Are you NC III ready? The Norwegian Training Center-Manila is now accepting participants for Ship's Catering Services NC III Assessment. Apply for assessment now, call us for more details at 8120742 or at Mobile Nos. 09988439344/09988439354. Or e-mail us at for booking.